Introduction to Moi!

Hi everyone!! Welcome to my journal. I'm a fan of Japan, and especially JE/Johnny's & Associates.

I like most Johnny's groups, but I especially focus on KANJANI8, SEXY ZONE, KANSAI JRS, JUNIORS, SIXTONES, SNOWMAN

I sometimes ramble/fangirl on about my favourite idols, and sometimes about random things. But mostly, I post translations and subs for JE song lyrics, videos etc. So check it out if you're interested!

Videos/Magazines etc. Send me a message/comment and I'll see what I can do to help you understand! Not limited to Johnny's, if you like another artist/comedian/talent, I don't mind

I want to keep my journal public as long as possible because I don't want to make a community, so until someone gives me a reason to, anyone is free to take the subs without needing to friend me.

I also want people to know I READ ALL THE COMMENTS AND APPRECIATE THEM SO MUCH but I usually don't reply because I'm lazy like that... but I'm grateful to everyone that likes or replies to my subs/translations. But if you want to actually talk or anything you can PM me here or at my twitter @jiikonoko :)

I'm a proud member of Snow Man subbing community iwasakufc so please become a member for plenty of Snow Man content :D

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[SUB] PV + Making Kame to Yamapi Senakagoshi no Chance 2017

Here's the second release of today!! Senaka Goshi no Chance PV and Making!! I'm gonna miss these two together T.T



RAW: here @ kame_world


Timing: citraryo

Raw provider: kamesoul at kame_world (livejournal)

Lyric Translator: lobanheridanofukushu

[SUB] 2018.03.22 LINE LIVE - KAT-TUN 2018 FIRST IMPRESSION - Ask Yourself

Happy New Year everyone! This is the first of TWO releases today, collaborating with my friend cichan! Hope you enjoy!




Timing: citraryo

Raw : lobanheridanofukushu

Translation checking : Biologyfangirl

[SUB] 2017.09.30 Kanjani Chronicle Mou Hitori Oru Oru CUT

Another collab with citraryo ! Thanks for timing this!
It's been a while since I've done a Kanjani8 sub, I missed these guys.
This cut includes guests Sato Takeru, Aoyama Thelma and Fujimon :)

no title
no title

Link here:

Part 1 was done by someone else here (locked community):

Thanks to the raw provider hitorik and the person that checked my translation!

[SUB] Kanju ni Tsushin Oct 2017

I did this 2 years ago and I forgot about it T.T

Hope someone enjoys it though, they do an Intro Don and perform one of my fav kanju songs, Kimi no Wana dake Maboroshi demo Kamawanai!

Link here:

I did April to August kanju Shokura appearances here

Credits to shokura for the raw <3

[SUB] 02.01.2020 Snow Man/SixTONES Shabekuri007

Today is Jan 22nd 2020 and so it is Snow Man and SixTONES debut date! Congratulations to the boys and the fans!

In order to celebrate, I've subbed their appearance on Shabekuri007 at the start of the NY. It's also one of my all-time favourite variety shows so it was fun!


Thanks to the raw provider who let me use the video! This raw also has the small clips of Sakurai Sho, Matsumoto Jun. Murakami Shingo and Ashida Mana's previous appearances, but I didn't sub those :(

I have another version which is better quality but 2gb, PM me if you'd like it :)


1. IKKO is a make-up artist and TV personality

2. Pyonce is a nickname for the MC Ueda

3. Board breaking is pronounced itawari which also means to take care of, be considerate etc. The kanji is different.

4. Ozoni is a traditional Japanese soup for New Years. Shintaro must have picked it because the show aired on Jan 2nd. Rice porridge (okayu) is common to give to people who are sick

5. Croquette (Korokke) is a famous impressionist/comedian

6. Wipe (Wipe gei) is the small window in variety shows to show the reactions of the people watching a video

7. The kanji for letter (お便り) uses the same kanji for convenient (便利) that Meguro mistook it for 

Anything else you don't understand, or if there are any mistakes, please let me know!

[SUB] Sato Shori Sukatto Japan

Hi! It's been a looong time since I've subbed anything, I was away from fandom for a while. But expect new subs to come out until March when uni starts again!

Anyway, Shori's latest Sukatto Japan appearance last month was hilarious! So here you go!

Note: 'Sukatto' is used to express a refreshed or relieved feeling

Softsub here:!YtxEHK6b!5Ug_H7H9GJdbJQEOEMei1QA0hz4hqEm2SwTpwDMnNWM

RAW here:

Thanks to saitahana for letting me use the raw!

[SUB] Shuichi 2018.04.15 - KAT-TUN Revival

Hey everyone! Something a bit different this time, I helped sub the episode of Shuichi where KAT-TUN celebrate their revival with a competition between them!!

This is a really fun episode, and I'm really happy KAT-TUN was able to come back this year.


RAW: At strawberry1582@lj (It's a locked community, but it's active)


Translation: hades_demon

Timing: citraryo

Raw: smap_kat_tun/sberry1582

Along with my friend citraryo, we are going to do more KAT-TUN subs, so look forward to it ^-^

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